Simple Relaxation
• 30min | 30€
• 50min | 50€
• PACK 5 Massages (50min) | 125€
It is a deep and relaxing massage, which restores the balance between mind and body, contributing for the overall well-being of the body. Usually known as the Swedish massage, Relaxation Massage is the most traditional of the massages. It is indicated to relax, restoring the balance between mind and body. In this massage manual relaxing techniques are applied to the whole body, in a measured and constant rhythm and with a medium-strong pressure, to improve the feeling of the relaxing effect. The main purposes of the Relaxation Massage are to relieve and prevent stress and fatigue, to improve the blood circulation and relaxing the muscles.
Geothermal / Hot Stones
• 80min | 70€
Hot stones therapy is a variation of the classical therapeutic massage. The stones are warmed up to a pleasant temperature and placed on specific points of the body. This treatment improves the blood circulation and soothes the central nervous system, eases back pain, poor circulation, osteoarthritis, joint pain, stress, anxiety, muscle tension, insomnia and depression.