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• 60min | 70€
Hypnosis is a psychotherapeutic technique which turns to an altered state of conscientiousness, in which the person is able to access memories, which may be at the source of a current problem allowing that person a greater capacity to find its cause and allowing for a faster resolution of that problem.
Anti-smoking Cure
• 2h30 | 300€
Anti-smoking Hypnotherapy is a treatment based on hypnosis, with recognised efficacy in 80% of the cases. Smoking habits shall be taken into consideration in order to identify the key points of the smoker’s routine, which trigger the cigarettes craving. He/she will learn to control and stop the urge to smoke, so that they can get rid of something harmful, once and for all.
• 1h30 | 65€ (1st appointment)
• 1h30 | 50€ (2nd appointment)
This is a therapy which uses manual resources to relieve pain. It is a treatment which enables restoring the balance of the body’s functions and overall functioning.