• 50min | 55€
It is a Japanese therapy to achieve physical and energetic rebalancing. It operates with pressure applied in certain areas and points of the human body, boosting and maintaining general health and well-being. Originated in Japan, this massage is based on stretching techniques and pressure with the fingertips and the palms of the hands. This massage stimulates and balances the flow of vital energy and corrects the posture, which is beneficial for the spine.
• 50min | 55€
Tuina is a set of vigorous manual techniques – originated in Asia, where the therapist uses his/her fingers, hands, fists, elbows, forearms at the Meridian Energetic points aiming at correcting the physiological and energetic imbalance. It helps treating muscle aches; emotional stress; stress-related problems; depression; nervous tension; muscle strains; back pain; headaches; hypertension etc
Ayurvedic MASSAGE
• 50min | 60€
This massage originated in India. It uses slide techniques, stretching movements and deep touches with hands and elbows, providing relaxation, stimulating the muscles and blood circulation. All muscles relax and the body achieves a greater feeling of lightness.
• 50min | 60€
Thai Massage, is a therapy used as a way of reaching body balance, providing a deep relaxation throughout the body.