During pregnancy your abdomen grows, you lose your waist, stretch marks may appear, your feet will be swollen among other uncomfortable conditions. For that reason, we provide you with a set of health and beauty services.
• 50min | 60€
Tratamento equilibrante.
• 50min | 60€
Tratamento tonificante e reafirmante.
Total Pack | 350€ (includes:)
• 2 New Life treatments
• 2 Massages for pregnant women
• 10 Lymphatic drainage sessions

Economy Pack | 189€ (includes:)
• 1 New Life treatment
• 1 Massage for pregnant women
• 5 Lymphatic drainage sessions
A full pack throughout pregnancy. Anti-anxiety, relaxing and balancing, restoring the lymphatic and circulatory system. Dedicated to pregnant women, this massage provides fast relief of muscle pains and a sense of general well-being. It is performed with all the necessary care for the pregnancy period and does not involve any sort of risk for the pregnancy, except in case of a medical contraindication. The massage can only be performed after the 12th week of pregnancy. After this period, it can be performed until the end of the pregnancy).
Pack | 295€ (includes:)

• 5 Lymphatic Drainage sessions
• 1 New Mum treatment
One pack to restore elasticity and firmness to the tissues after pregnancy.